Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saint Somewhere Brewing on Good Morning America

Tarpon Springs' own Saint Somewhere brewing was featured on Good Morning America. Which is interesting, as it's a new and very small (150 barrel annually?) place. They had Austin Wilson, the publisher of DRAFT magazine, on discussing pairing beer with buffalo wings, clip is here, and near the end he mentioned this up and coming brewery.

First off, I am happy that they were getting national attention. Kudos to anyone trying to make a Belgian craft brewery anywhere in the US, let alone braving the brew-wastelands of Florida! Secondly, this is really interesting because St. Somewhere's beers are in their, shall we say, infancy? We were all excited when the first bottles made it down to Miami, and eagerly purchased the whole lineup to give them a try. And they met with near-universal disappointment. We tried the saison and an amber about a year ago. The saison was completely flat, which is *blasphemy!*, and the amber, though carbonated, was sweet and had a certain homebrew edge about it. Both corks had to be removed with a wrench. That said, the saison made it into a tasting last Friday night featuring a dozen Farmhouse competitors and I must admit it had improved. It was still waaaay over-spiced, but a significant improvement. Still had to wrench it though...and to be fair, I have to wrench some of my corked Belgians too :)

This just goes to show that recipes and techniques change, and that a beer that was terrible in the past may be great tomorrow. Cheers to the brewer for taking the leap, especially in Florida. Hopefully he'll be able to upgrade some facilities with some increased Superbowl cashflow and really wow us in the future.

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