Thursday, June 11, 2009

New TTB Organic Wine Labeling Policies

Quick post. The TTB has released a short information sheet covering their new policy on labeling organic wines. Basically, you can't just say "Made with Organic Ingredients" anymore, unless all the ingredients are in fact organic. So you'll have to say, for example, made with "Organic Merlot and Non-Organic Cabernet grapes" or "55% organic grapes and 45% non-organic grapes". Which is all fine and dandy and prevents consumer confusion in the often poorly regulated organic market.

But the sheet doesn't say how they are treating the wine adjuncts and additives. Is Isinglass organic? Bentonite? (Is it organic dirt?) What would an organic yeast look like? Oak barrels?

But it's back to the Bar Prep for me. Civ Pro, Crim Pro, and Trusts and Estates practice exam tonight. Good times.

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