Tuesday, January 19, 2010

History of Bellingham Brewing

Fun article in the Bellingham Business Journal concerning the history of brewing in the city. Like many frontier cities Bellingham historically had several breweries, all of which were killed off by Prohibition. Now it has two: Boundary Bay and Chuckanut. But what two to have! Boundary Bay has won a slew of awards and makes a great IPA. It is also quite large and is a venue for local music.

Chuckanut is only a bit over two years old but took two golds and two silvers at the GABF last year, making it Small Brewpub of the Year. No surprise here, the brewmaster is Will Kemper, erstwhile of Thomas Kemper Brewing and Sodas (bought by Pyramid Brewing in 90's, sold in 2007 to Adventure Funds in Portland) as well as a dozen more breweries that he helped get up and running.

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